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What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing, or power washing, is the use of high-pressure water spray. Specially designed engines and pumps work together to put out water pressure that is 100 times more powerful that your normal water hose. We use this high pressure to clean mold, gum, and old dirt stains from concrete and it makes old, dirty wood look new again. 

Do you supply your own water?

We can supply water for a job but generally, we use the client’s water supply to do the job.

Will my grass or plants be damaged from power washing?

Everything we do is safe for grass and plants when done correctly. Our method of cleaning rinses any possibly harmful chemicals from your beautiful lawn or garden

Do I need to be present during the job?

We are flexible and will work whenever it is convenient for you. If you would feel more comfortable being home while we are working, then that is totally fine. But if you aren’t going to be present, please remember to close all windows, clear your driveway, and put away any fragile items on your deck or house.

What methods of payment can I use?

We accept cash, check, or paypal.

How often should I get my house/driveway/deck washed?

In most cases, every two years, any of those would need a good cleaning. But sometimes dirt gathers more on certain surfaces and could look dirty in just another year.

Why would I pay for pressure washing when I have my own machine?

This is a FANTASTIC question. But there are some questions you must ask yourself – Which surfaces around my house need cleaning? Do I have all of the chemicals needed for each of those jobs? Do I know how to apply those chemicals properly? Is my pressure washer big enough to handle this job? Is renting a use power washing machine really worth it? Do I really have the time for this?

Every job is different and we pay close attention to detail on every single job. We are affordable and guarantee satisfaction to all of our customers. Far too many accidents occur if the work isn’t done properly. We don’t want you or your house/driveway/deck to be beyond repair. Don’t waste money at your local hardware store on a cheaply made pressure washer meant to appeal to homeowners.

Instead, give the professionals a call. After all, we give free estimates!

Give us a call today so we can save you money, time, and maybe even an injury!

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